1 year warp

After warping an entire year

After Warping into the future 1 year. Our 4 adventurers find themselves groggy from the sudden jolt of their journey. Tychus, Zalistic, Kierce, and Krelian wake and are startled by a large Ettin, some Ogres and a dire bear. They are befuddled for they have brand new powers at level 11 and have not mastered them yet. While Tychus is in private laying hands on himself, Krelian, Kierce, and Rubricon adeptly focus on the Ettin. Zalistik a two handed fighter is shaking his head in disbelief as most of his powers are useless. After learning their abilities the party finally defeats the foes. They soon discover they are on the outskirts of what was formally Minus Parthen. After a rest the merry band traverses the descent unto the new city being erected called Robisity. They identify 2 key players in the destruction of Minus Parthen. The first is The General who seems to be a 4 armed Warforged. The second is Lady K, an elf wizard apparently. They were witha human fighter talking about good times and the latest beheadings they delivered. Krelian shoots at Lady K and connects, she only laughs and the three enemies leave the party to a battalion of warforged. Zalistik, Tychus, and Keirce bravely fight the warforged. Rubricon is MIA again, and after suffering only minor damage Krelian the mighty ranger retreats behind cover until the battle is won. Rubricon then appears and tells them that the general is responsible for the total destruction of Minus Parthen. The adventures then held to the outskirts of town for a rest. While the band of misfits keeps one eye on the next day adventure, Tychus keeps one on Rubricon. But who is watching them…



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