Man its dark

Chapter 5

The heroes are sleeping with Tychus Gabriel staving off sleep for now. Out of the darkness of the underdark a low growl and the sound of smashing boulders awaken all 5 heroes and Walynn. Krelian Duskstrider Shouts out to the others that the Death Titan and Goristro have followed them trhough the underdark. At the moment everybody blacks out, and sees individual visions of granduer. After the party awakens from the blackout a Ferocious Bullette drills through the top of the cavern and seperates his prey from Ichus, Scargrey and Walynn. At the same time seperating his prey from Goristro and the Titan as well. During the battle the Bullette developed a taste for elf flesh and without hesitation attacked mercilessly at the ranger. During the battle a piece of armor was found to be attached to the beasts teeth and gums. The warlord and paladin went to work on the backside of the beast and before long the 4 of them dispatched the fowl smelling earth mover. As our heroes heal up and begin to look for a way to get to their seperated allies. They here sounds of a battle on the other side of the boulders, and before long the boulder is smashed to pieces. Our heroes are befuddled by what happened but see Ichus, Walynn, and Scargrey being dragged away my mindflayers, warforge, and a mysterious man in cloak. Before our adventurers can follow a small legion of warforge force there way through the opening and begin their attack. Kierce easily dispatched of multiple enemies at once with an area blast. However the remaining 4 warforge almost proved to much for the heroes as all 4 almost felt the cold embrace of death. After several strategic maneuvers around the bullette carcas and helpful heals at opportune times. Our heroes managed to stave off death for another day and held there own in defeating the mighty warforged knights. After healing up the heroes had a choice to make either go left and leave the underdark or go right and get there allies back. Either through cowardice or treachery the party went left and tried to flee, flee for their lives! However it was not clear sailing as they planned as they come upon a chamber housing 2 rust monsters! As the warlord and paladin cowardly fled, the ranger and druid bravely fought and defeated the rust monsters with relative ease. As the two upfront fighters fled for thier armor’s sake, a jelly tried to sneak up on them. The ranger finally ended the jelly’s assault despite having horrible tactics implored by the team. However after defeating the monsters the the heroes grabbed all the loot and put a sentry out while making a camp in the chamber.



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