Tychus Gabriel and Krelian Duskstrider were sent on a journey to Minus Parthen. They have partaken on this journey to seek advice from the counsel of Volvas. It is dark times now in the land of Miagorer. There have been rumblings of the dark lord returning to this realm. On there trek Tycus and Krelian are ambushed by 10 rats. Luckily for them some “allies” in the form of Kierce and Zalistik were coming down the path and helped destroy the rats. Kierce and Zalistik just fled Minus Parthen as it was being demolished! The four adventurers make the trek back to Stokalam. As they begin to get acquainted a band of kobold’s come and disrupt the tranquility of the town. Tycus took the brunt of there anger after aggroing them and he fell in battle. He was resurrected however and they stayed the night at Canteena Inn. The only prize dropped was an unusually large 22kg golden heart shaped pendant.



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