As are so called heros slumber on peacefully, Krelian has a feeling in his stomach of being watched. At the snap of a twig his bow is drawn and has spotted a shadar kai wizard who goes by the name Scargrey Ovechkin. Scargrey proceeds to tell Krelian about the atrocities of the past year caused by The General and the warforged. He begins talking about a powerful wizard over boar meat and bacon grease. Just then Rubricon announces his triumphant return with a battalion of warforged at his side. The fearsome fivesome is quickly surrounded into 3 different groups. Scargrey and Keirce are left by themselves as Krelian, Tychus Gabriel, and Zalistic are huddled together in a tight formation. The mighty combatants had a bit of trouble with some minions due to the fact of throwing maginc in the air. Tychus and Zalistic were bombarded with warforge. Since they were almost always being knocked prone. Then Rubricon entered the battle with a blast of ice that almost eliminated Krelian, Tychus, and Zalistic. After giving the 5 heroes a chance to surrender. 2 Real Heroes emerged and stood tall to Rubricon. Tychus and Krelian refused to surrender, however Rubricon was too powerful and knocked them uncounscious. The 5 were taken prisoner to Robosity, where they were tortured for 2 months before Rubricon came in and asked the 5 to bow down to awesome power. After the answers were giving, Rubricon threw them into a pit with 15 foot hardened steel doubledoors. Scargrey summons a rock creature to blast through the walls before the terror behind the doors emerge. They break through the wall and find Walynn and Ichus in the tunnels of the underdark, mere moments before the montrosities came through the doors. Walynn and Ichus have been hiding for 6 months in the underdark. Stating that Rubricon himself destroyed Minus Parthen! As they look for an escape from the underdark, no torch is lit and Kierce is pierced with a drow arrow. Scargrey is rendered ineffective against the drow or drider. Ichus deals tremondous damage to the drider. Although Krelian finishes him off. Krelian also kills a drow warrior, and another drow warrior escapes the battle and death. The heroes capture the drow leader and order him to show them the way out. He refuses and says he is more use to them alive and free then bound in chains. Oddly the heroes agree and release him and also did not ask his name. As the heroes, Walynn and Ichus wander the underdark looking for a way out and answers to so many questions, they here terrible sounds coming from behind them…


needed more description of my sheer awesomeness…but otherwise fine.


i can’t be privy to your delusions of granduer


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