Our brave adventurers decide to go and try and rescue Scargrey, Ichus, and Walynn. The elf sneaks up the path and descends into the darkness. With his pointy big ears he detects sounds to the left and relays the info to his comrades. The 4 nobleman are quickly startled by what they see. Two giant Umber hulks a plethora of warforge and what turns out to be Neoghi’s. In the middle of this conglomerate of mass is Scargrey in a steel cage. The Umber Hulks go to the cage and say " If you want him the have him" and with that they throw the cage towards their would be assailants. Krelian was assualting the warforge with a barrage of arrows. Tychus took charge and led the battle against the hulks. Zalistik was a little off in battle and was confounded with one hulk. Kierce was tasked to open the cage. Which proved very difficult for her, with Scargrey amazing arcana checks she quickly prevailed though. With the fighting force back at full force they decided to take thier time in killing there opponents. After many arduous moments our heroes finally fell the last of the umber hulks. They were rewarded heftily with bullions of gold apiece. They decided to take a rest in the same room they slept in before and will continue there quest for Walynn and Ichus when they wake up from there deep slumber.


Nice puzzle, DM.


When is the next adventure?


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