Tychus Gabriel

Fierce Paladin of the Platinum Dragon


-Tychus bears the title of VOICE OF THE PLATINUM DRAGON. A highly respected designation among followers of Bahamut

-Tychus wields a magic broadsword that seeks out strong foes for him to challenge. (1d10+8 damage(+2d6 if the enemy is at full HP))

-Tychus dons plate armor enchanted with the spirit of the martyrs that died in the name of Bahamut. (AC-29 Has the ability to raise or lower his armor class to help adjacent allies)

-He wears an amulet given to him by Jayden, the cleric that raised him. (Raises Fort, Ref, and Will defenses +2 and grants extra healing when Tychus spends a healing surge.)


Abandoned on the doorstep of a temple devoted to Bahamut, Tychus Gabriel was raised by the dragonborn monks within its walls. The monks saw a light in Tychus as he quickly embraced all he was shown by them. As his power grew, he was quickly moved into paladin training where he earned the highest title the temple had, The Voice of the Platinum Dragon.

Upon graduating, Tychus ventured out with a band of clerics to put his skill into action. While tracking a faction of Bane, they stumbled on an elven village in dire need of their skills. One of the young elves, Krelian Duskstrider had been terribly wounded. Tychus performed his first divine heal that day and by doing so had fulfilled an ancient prophecy of the Church of Bahamut. It states that, “when the hands of a human of draconic descent are placed upon the fey for the first time, a new band of heroes shall be born to vanquish a rising evil the world has never seen.”

Frightened and encouraged by the first step of the prophecy being fulfilled, the clerics of Bahamut left to Tychus to travel with his new ally. Before leaving, the clerics warned, “the prophecy states there will be more allies joining him soon, but not all will be trustworthy but they will be necessary.” Tychus now looks at all new acquaintances with one friendly eye and one eye questioning motives. Driven by the idea that he is the hero of prophecy he charges into battle with his weapon held high infused with the power of The Platinum Dragon.

Tychus Gabriel

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