Our brave adventurers decide to go and try and rescue Scargrey, Ichus, and Walynn. The elf sneaks up the path and descends into the darkness. With his pointy big ears he detects sounds to the left and relays the info to his comrades. The 4 nobleman are quickly startled by what they see. Two giant Umber hulks a plethora of warforge and what turns out to be Neoghi’s. In the middle of this conglomerate of mass is Scargrey in a steel cage. The Umber Hulks go to the cage and say " If you want him the have him" and with that they throw the cage towards their would be assailants. Krelian was assualting the warforge with a barrage of arrows. Tychus took charge and led the battle against the hulks. Zalistik was a little off in battle and was confounded with one hulk. Kierce was tasked to open the cage. Which proved very difficult for her, with Scargrey amazing arcana checks she quickly prevailed though. With the fighting force back at full force they decided to take thier time in killing there opponents. After many arduous moments our heroes finally fell the last of the umber hulks. They were rewarded heftily with bullions of gold apiece. They decided to take a rest in the same room they slept in before and will continue there quest for Walynn and Ichus when they wake up from there deep slumber.

Man its dark
Chapter 5

The heroes are sleeping with Tychus Gabriel staving off sleep for now. Out of the darkness of the underdark a low growl and the sound of smashing boulders awaken all 5 heroes and Walynn. Krelian Duskstrider Shouts out to the others that the Death Titan and Goristro have followed them trhough the underdark. At the moment everybody blacks out, and sees individual visions of granduer. After the party awakens from the blackout a Ferocious Bullette drills through the top of the cavern and seperates his prey from Ichus, Scargrey and Walynn. At the same time seperating his prey from Goristro and the Titan as well. During the battle the Bullette developed a taste for elf flesh and without hesitation attacked mercilessly at the ranger. During the battle a piece of armor was found to be attached to the beasts teeth and gums. The warlord and paladin went to work on the backside of the beast and before long the 4 of them dispatched the fowl smelling earth mover. As our heroes heal up and begin to look for a way to get to their seperated allies. They here sounds of a battle on the other side of the boulders, and before long the boulder is smashed to pieces. Our heroes are befuddled by what happened but see Ichus, Walynn, and Scargrey being dragged away my mindflayers, warforge, and a mysterious man in cloak. Before our adventurers can follow a small legion of warforge force there way through the opening and begin their attack. Kierce easily dispatched of multiple enemies at once with an area blast. However the remaining 4 warforge almost proved to much for the heroes as all 4 almost felt the cold embrace of death. After several strategic maneuvers around the bullette carcas and helpful heals at opportune times. Our heroes managed to stave off death for another day and held there own in defeating the mighty warforged knights. After healing up the heroes had a choice to make either go left and leave the underdark or go right and get there allies back. Either through cowardice or treachery the party went left and tried to flee, flee for their lives! However it was not clear sailing as they planned as they come upon a chamber housing 2 rust monsters! As the warlord and paladin cowardly fled, the ranger and druid bravely fought and defeated the rust monsters with relative ease. As the two upfront fighters fled for thier armor’s sake, a jelly tried to sneak up on them. The ranger finally ended the jelly’s assault despite having horrible tactics implored by the team. However after defeating the monsters the the heroes grabbed all the loot and put a sentry out while making a camp in the chamber.


As are so called heros slumber on peacefully, Krelian has a feeling in his stomach of being watched. At the snap of a twig his bow is drawn and has spotted a shadar kai wizard who goes by the name Scargrey Ovechkin. Scargrey proceeds to tell Krelian about the atrocities of the past year caused by The General and the warforged. He begins talking about a powerful wizard over boar meat and bacon grease. Just then Rubricon announces his triumphant return with a battalion of warforged at his side. The fearsome fivesome is quickly surrounded into 3 different groups. Scargrey and Keirce are left by themselves as Krelian, Tychus Gabriel, and Zalistic are huddled together in a tight formation. The mighty combatants had a bit of trouble with some minions due to the fact of throwing maginc in the air. Tychus and Zalistic were bombarded with warforge. Since they were almost always being knocked prone. Then Rubricon entered the battle with a blast of ice that almost eliminated Krelian, Tychus, and Zalistic. After giving the 5 heroes a chance to surrender. 2 Real Heroes emerged and stood tall to Rubricon. Tychus and Krelian refused to surrender, however Rubricon was too powerful and knocked them uncounscious. The 5 were taken prisoner to Robosity, where they were tortured for 2 months before Rubricon came in and asked the 5 to bow down to awesome power. After the answers were giving, Rubricon threw them into a pit with 15 foot hardened steel doubledoors. Scargrey summons a rock creature to blast through the walls before the terror behind the doors emerge. They break through the wall and find Walynn and Ichus in the tunnels of the underdark, mere moments before the montrosities came through the doors. Walynn and Ichus have been hiding for 6 months in the underdark. Stating that Rubricon himself destroyed Minus Parthen! As they look for an escape from the underdark, no torch is lit and Kierce is pierced with a drow arrow. Scargrey is rendered ineffective against the drow or drider. Ichus deals tremondous damage to the drider. Although Krelian finishes him off. Krelian also kills a drow warrior, and another drow warrior escapes the battle and death. The heroes capture the drow leader and order him to show them the way out. He refuses and says he is more use to them alive and free then bound in chains. Oddly the heroes agree and release him and also did not ask his name. As the heroes, Walynn and Ichus wander the underdark looking for a way out and answers to so many questions, they here terrible sounds coming from behind them…

1 year warp
After warping an entire year

After Warping into the future 1 year. Our 4 adventurers find themselves groggy from the sudden jolt of their journey. Tychus, Zalistic, Kierce, and Krelian wake and are startled by a large Ettin, some Ogres and a dire bear. They are befuddled for they have brand new powers at level 11 and have not mastered them yet. While Tychus is in private laying hands on himself, Krelian, Kierce, and Rubricon adeptly focus on the Ettin. Zalistik a two handed fighter is shaking his head in disbelief as most of his powers are useless. After learning their abilities the party finally defeats the foes. They soon discover they are on the outskirts of what was formally Minus Parthen. After a rest the merry band traverses the descent unto the new city being erected called Robisity. They identify 2 key players in the destruction of Minus Parthen. The first is The General who seems to be a 4 armed Warforged. The second is Lady K, an elf wizard apparently. They were witha human fighter talking about good times and the latest beheadings they delivered. Krelian shoots at Lady K and connects, she only laughs and the three enemies leave the party to a battalion of warforged. Zalistik, Tychus, and Keirce bravely fight the warforged. Rubricon is MIA again, and after suffering only minor damage Krelian the mighty ranger retreats behind cover until the battle is won. Rubricon then appears and tells them that the general is responsible for the total destruction of Minus Parthen. The adventures then held to the outskirts of town for a rest. While the band of misfits keeps one eye on the next day adventure, Tychus keeps one on Rubricon. But who is watching them…

The great ally

Krelian Duskstrider, Tychus Gabriel, Zalistik, and Kierce/Kihanna awoke from their night stay at the Stokalam Canteena. They stumbled lazily outside to the sound of an approaching storm. They met a lil girl named Walynn a lil troll girl who knew alot about everything going on. They soon realized that the storm approaching wasn’t a storm but an army of kobold warriors numbering in the 100’s. Waylnn led Kierce and Krelian down an arduous path to awaken the stone cold slumbering giant. Meanwhile Zalistik and Tychus held their own and the first battalion with the help of a catapult and multi-shot arrow. The arduous path to Ichus almost killed Keirce as she had mere moments before the cieling would have crushed her to death. They replaced Ichus’s Heart and Walynn talked to him as he flew out of the cave and destroyed the kobold army that had captured him. After not resting they set off for the supposedly destroyed city of Minus Parthen. Upon entering the city they found a impact zone in the center and then met up with an elderly wizard named Rubricon. There were 7 human warriors trying to kill the old man, but our fearsome foursome brought some justice to them with the edge of their collective blades. After that Rubricon killed El Rufeon stating that that group was part of the raiding party that destroyed the city. He then offered to help the heroes as he opened a wyrmhole to 1 year into the future.


Tychus Gabriel and Krelian Duskstrider were sent on a journey to Minus Parthen. They have partaken on this journey to seek advice from the counsel of Volvas. It is dark times now in the land of Miagorer. There have been rumblings of the dark lord returning to this realm. On there trek Tycus and Krelian are ambushed by 10 rats. Luckily for them some “allies” in the form of Kierce and Zalistik were coming down the path and helped destroy the rats. Kierce and Zalistik just fled Minus Parthen as it was being demolished! The four adventurers make the trek back to Stokalam. As they begin to get acquainted a band of kobold’s come and disrupt the tranquility of the town. Tycus took the brunt of there anger after aggroing them and he fell in battle. He was resurrected however and they stayed the night at Canteena Inn. The only prize dropped was an unusually large 22kg golden heart shaped pendant.


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